6” Wide Planks

November 2015

Armstrong® Ceiling Systems has expanded its portfolio of MetalWorks™ Linear products to include new 6" wide planks.
With the introduction of the new 6" width, the MetalWorks Linear line of standard ceiling products now includes 4 plank widths for interior applications (4", 6", 8" and 12"), including a nominal 1" reveal, and 3plank widths for exterior applications (4", 6", and 8"), tested to meet wind uplift classes 30, 60, and 90.
All MetalWorks Linear planks are 96" long and 5/8" high. Custom sizes are also available. Acoustical options are offered in microperforated planks. When backed with an optional acoustical infill panel, microperforated planks can provide an NRC of up to 0.85, meaning they absorb 85% of the sound that strikes them.
MetalWorks Linear planks are available in 6 Effects™ Wood Looks finishes and 3 colors. Additional colors are also available as a premium or custom option.
The durable, metal planks are easily installed in the ceiling, on the wall, or as 90° angled or faceted ceiling-to-wall transitions. End caps are available for floating installations.