Lanyard System

September 2018

Knipex Tools introduces its Lanyard System, as part of its Tethered Tools Pliers Program, which offers tools with tether attachments to provide effective protection against accidents caused by falling tools. The system includes a lanyard, two locking carabiners and three adapter straps. The components are available individually or as a complete set.
The system’s lanyard is constructed of gathered fabric tape that expands approximately 5' when under strain and has a maximum working capacity of 3.3 lbs. The carabiner features a screw lock, which prevents the gate from opening unintentionally. An adapter strap can be attached directly by the cord to the wrist, belt and the user’s climbing equipment. Instructions for use are included with each piece of the Lanyard System.
The Lanyard System is to be used with Knipex’s line of tools that have handles with tether attachment mounting points. Without interfering with the tool’s functionality, the tether attachment on the multi-grip handles allows the tools to be secured to prevent falling during use with cherry pickers, scaffolding and ladders.