Utility Knives

September 2018

Fiskars has a new line of Pro Utility Knives in the hardware category. These knives are sharper, smarter and more durable, designed specifically for professionals.
Fiskars Pro Utility Knives feature the longest lasting blade. CarbonMax™ coating keeps blade sharp 24X longer than competitive blades. Accidental blade release is prevented by an improved locking system, audio and visual locking cues and smarter button placement. Tabs ensure blade won’t pull out when twisted.
The knives also feature improved ergonomics. Multiple grips provide comfort regardless of position. Softgrip® with strategic texturizing enhances comfort, and easy-access buttons enhance ease of use.
The line includes a fixed utility knife, a retractable utility knife, a folding utility knife, a painter’s utility knife, 18mm and 26mm snap-off utility knife and a drywaller’s knife. The drywaller’s utility knife includes a jab saw to easily punch through drywall. Both the blade and saw deploy from the same end to prevent accidental release. The knife hinges open for cleaning, and it can store two blades.