Adhesive Delivery System

September 2018

Sto Corp. introduces Sto TurboStick® Mini, an ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact adhesive delivery system with terrific advantages over traditional cement-based adhesives. The Mini version of TurboStick now gives applicators a choice of two convenient sizes, either cartridge or cylinder, when applying Sto’s ready-to-use, single component adhesive for installing insulation boards in exterior wall claddings like StoTherm ci and ci XPS.
The Sto TurboStick Mini is easy to use and offers the fastest application of any adhesive, cutting the cure time from a full day to just a single hour. The Sto TurboStick Mini cartridge weighs just 26.3 oz. and covers 110 to 130 square feet.
Sto TurboStick Mini requires no mixing, goes on easily, and can be used for other applications such as filling voids between insulation boards. Since it is a small cartridge, it is lightweight and doesn’t require heavy lifting to get it up the scaffolding like cementitious adhesives. It requires less space on the ground for staging compared to bag material, and the new Mini version provides a convenient time-saver, too.