Conveyor Roller

November 2018

BORA Tool launches the Portable Conveyor Roller (PM-2700), a versatile and expandable rolling system.
Save time in the shop moving material, packing and loading with Bora Tool’s handy Rolling Conveyor System. Rather than being forced to load and unload from a machine to a container, the PM-2700 saves time, effort and money by simplifying the process of packing, loading and unloading. Housed in a portable package, it can be rolled to any location, while the height and slope can be set as needed.
A key feature of the PM-2700 is its strength. It locks down to an unmovable frame, with smooth rollers that make transporting material up to 300 lbs effortless. In addition, multiple PM-2700s can also be linked together to create a longer conveyor.
The portable conveyor system expands from 14 3/4" to 50". Customers can roll it up to a machine’s out feed side, and material moves seamlessly to the next production station, a container or anywhere else.
The frame and casters easily expand and lock into place. The 14" wide rollers are smooth in operation, allowing material to glide with ease.
The system is adjustable from 23" to 36" in height, while locking tight. Measuring marks on the legs ensure it can be either level or sloped.