Leak Barrier Ceiling

August 2015

Now there is a way to provide a pre-engineered solution to the common problem of overhead leak threats. AquaTray LLC introduces a new class of commercial ceiling system—the Leak Barrier Ceiling.
The system consists of waterproof ceiling drainage trays with inter-connecting tubing that captures and safely drains away overhead fluid leaks. Durable flashing tape applied above provides a leak tight solution. It is made from fire resistant class 1A materials suitable for permanent ceiling installations.
Arrange trays in any configuration in a ceiling grid for large-area full ceiling coverage or small- area partial ceiling coverage. This system can be configured in most standard grid or (preferably) in heavy duty ceiling grid.
The AquaTray® system meets interior building codes and standards. When properly designed and installed, the system provides unattended protection from a sizable leak.
Ideal as a permanent installation for critical facilities that cannot tolerate the damage or down time associated with a sudden ceiling leak.
The AquaTray® system provides true protection and not just detection in the event of an overhead leak.