Mixer/Drill with E-Clutch® System

March 2019

DeWalt announces the 60V MAX Mixer/Drill with E-Clutch® System (DCD130), designed for mixing a variety of materials from thin set to fiber-reinforced concrete. The mixer/drill can also be used for high torque drilling.
Using the DCB606 battery, the 60V MAX Mixer/Drill with E-Clutch® System offers more than 2X the power of DeWalt’s corded mixing drill DW130V, and it can mix up to 19 buckets of pre-mixed drywall buckets, 17 buckets of tile mortar and 9 buckets of concrete. For tile, drywall, flooring as well as metal drilling, and wood drilling applications such as 4 5/8" Self-Feed Bits through 2x SPF#2, the 60V MAX Mixer/Drill with E-Clutch® System offers a powerful brushless motor that allows the tool to maintain mixing speed in tough material and eliminates brushes and brush changes. The mixer/drill also offers long runtime and cordless convenience, operating off FlexVolt® Batteries that are compatible with most DeWalt 20V MAX tools.
Key to the 60V MAX 1/2" Mixer/Drill is the E-Clutch® System, which senses tool motion and eliminates the torque when binding is detected by stopping the motor. The user is notified that the E-Clutch® System has been activated through an illuminated LED light. Additional features are the 1/2" keyed chuck that accepts hex or rounded mixing paddles, a 3-position side handle, a variable speed trigger, a Bluetooth® Tag mount, chuck key holder, rear-handle mount that is compatible with the DeWalt Spade Handle (DW130V sold separately) and an LED light.