Customizable Finished Surfaces

May 2019

Sto Corp. has launched StoSignature™, a blend of color, texture, profiles and effects using Sto products to create customizable finished surfaces for building exteriors.
StoSignature combines Sto’s high-quality, proven finishes with application techniques to allow building façades to be a showcase for individuality in design. Every façade may have a unique signature. Textures range from fine to rough to linear. Techniques and color effects create surface impressions including concrete, wood, stone and brick. StoSignature expands the ability to customize the visual appearance of the surface in concert with Sto’s engineered wall assemblies, which deliver continuity, connectivity and single source responsibility.
StoSignature can be used with any of Sto’s engineered wall assemblies, including its continuous insulation, rainscreen and prefabricated wall systems.