Sto Gold Coat

June 2019

Sto’s flagship liquid-applied vapor permeable air and moisture barrier, Sto Gold Coat has been improved, and the new formulation was released on March 8, 2019.
Sto Gold Coat® is a ready-mixed flexible waterproof air barrier membrane for use in StoTherm® ci Systems. It is applied directly to vertical above grade wall sheathing and concrete masonry, and functions as a waterproof air barrier when combined with StoGuard® joint and rough opening treatment. The new Gold Coat has increased opacity to better hide the sheathing, extended UV exposure to longer protect the building against the elements while waiting for the wall cladding to be installed. In addition, Sto Gold Coat can be used behind all claddings including StoTherm ci and can be applied at temperatures ranging between 25F and 100F without the use of an additive and still at low VOC levels. Sto Gold Coat allows you to use just one product for the entire project and can be used all year long.