Ceiling Board

June 2019

National Gypsum completed its Purple family of noise-reducing products by introducing Gold Bond® Brand SoundBreak XP™ Ceiling™ Board. The company’s original SoundBreak XP® drywall has been reducing noise heard between rooms for over a decade, and last year the manufacturer unveiled the first-of-its-kind SoundBreak XP™ Retrofit™, which provides the same sound damping benefits and installs over existing gypsum walls, at the conference.
SoundBreak XP™ Ceiling™ Board is 3/4" sound-damping drywall comprised of 2 pieces of high-density, mold-, mildew- and moisture-resistant gypsum board, with a specially designed Purple™ paper, laminated together with a viscoelastic polymer. It installs and finishes like traditional gypsum board and achieves GreenGuard Gold Certification for indoor air quality.
It was developed for floor-ceiling assemblies where airborne sound such as disturbing voices and structurally transmitted sound such as second floor foot traffic is a concern. Basically, SoundBreak XP™ Ceiling™ Board has it all covered.