August 2019

Nu-Wave Manufacturing has released the newest additions to its line of Step-Ups. The SU-4 and SU-5 have been supersized. Both the SU-4XW and SU-5XW Step-Ups are designed using only superior materials for structural soundness providing top-notch quality. These products also offer the same great features as others in Nu-Wave’s Step-Up product line. In conjunction, a Telescoping Handrail that fits all its Step-Up models has also just been released.
Despite the size, these new Step-Ups still fold flat for easy storage and convenient transport, the platforms can be configured to suit your needs, and both models are 30" wide for ease of movement through doorways.
The SU-4XW is 48" long with platforms and 50 1/2" high with casters. The SU-5XW is 56" long with platforms and 60 1/4" high with casters. These Step-Up models come with extra-wide frames, 3 platforms and 4 5" all brake casters.

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