Fire Barriers for Larger Expansion Joints

October 2019

Balco Inc. introduces the MetaFlex Pro family of fire barriers; MetaFlex Pro 2 Hr, Metaflex Pro 3 Hr, Metaflex Pro Shear and Metaflex Pro Undermount. These 4 products were designed with the installer in mind and feature simplified installation.
Tested to UL 2079 standards, these products meet all of the International Building Code requirements and test standards for fire resistance and protection. Available for floor expansion joints up to 18” maximum open conditions, they cover nearly every commercial building application.
The Metaflex Pro 2-Hr and 3-Hr both offer a single package installation with factory installed flanges that featuring easy, drop-in convenience for the contractor. With this design, Balco has eliminated the need for fire caulking along the sides of the joint and simplified splicing.
Metaflex Pro Shear shares the same features and performance of Metaflex Pro 2-Hr and 3-Hr, while also allowing for up to 100% shear movement. This is a must-have feature in areas prone to higher seismic activity.
Metaflex Pro Undermount offers a 2-hr rating from the bottom of the slab. This is especially useful in retrofit conditions, applications with penetrations running through the joint, or other situations that would prevent installation from above.
The MetaFlex Pro product line contains no asbestos, solvents or other hazardous materials. It doubles as smoke barrier and passes air leakage testing as per UL 2079. It also contributes to LEED® credits under the categories of recycled content for steel and ceramic blanket, and regional material.
The product comes with a standard 1-year warranty, or a 5-year warranty when installed by a Balco-certified technician.