Framing Header

February 2020

SmartHead is a new and economical type of framing header that resolves a major problem for contractors: delayed shipping of welded, hollow metal frames. By installing a SmartHead, all framing, 95% of insulation, drywall, fascia and soffits, spackling and acoustical ceilings can be completed according to schedule.
“The concept behind SmartHead is simple. By installing a SmartHead, contractors can sidestep delays caused by late deliveries of welded frames,” says Bruce Congdon, general manager of Duraframe, a major steel framing solutions provider and sole distributor of SmartHead. “SmartHead frames are engineered to provide flexibility on the job site. They feature an integral clip to fasten the header to the stud and a downward facing lower track to receive jamb studs. Construction proceeds as scheduled, and the welded frame can be installed after the walls are built.
SmartHead is the brainchild of Bob Weber, founder of Island Acoustics in Long Island, N.Y. When the company needed to keep a 2015 New York City hospital job on track, he developed the idea of the SmartHead. The SmartHeads were used, and the job was kept on schedule, saving significant money and time. By 2016, 500 SmartHead units were installed in more than 20 projects. Since then, thousands of SmartHeads have been installed on projects primarily in New York City. Duraframe began manufacturing the SmartHead product in 2018.
Duraframe sells direct to its customers, and also through its distributors throughout the United States and Canada. The cost is reasonable, with free shipping on orders over 100 units.,