Sound-Rated Assemblies Guide

April 2020

National Gypsum Company has published the industry’s most comprehensive guide for sound-rated assemblies. SoundBook 2.0 is an indispensable technical resource for architects and contractors seeking to achieve required Sound Transmission Class ratings on their projects.
The 116-page volume includes details and drawings of 310 sound-rated assemblies for both steel and wood stud construction, as well as for floor-ceiling applications. The book also features acoustical terms, concepts and proper installation methods for optimal sound control. The original SoundBook™, an industry game-changer when it was published in 2015, weighed in at 72 pages and 165 drawings.
The 145 drawings added to SoundBook 2.0 reflect the results of extensive testing of sound-rated assemblies at National Gypsum’s NGC Testing Services, which provides full-scale fire, acoustical, analytical and structural testing in a 50,000-plus-square-foot facility. The testing confirms STC ratings on wall and ceiling assemblies incorporating National Gypsum’s acoustical gypsum products and a range of other gypsum board products.
SoundBook 2.0™ is now available online at The new volume is a companion to The Purple Book® II, which includes more than 100 technical drawings, including fire-rated partitions, shaft wall assemblies, penetration details, head-of-wall details, firestopping options and more.