Dissipative Anchor

June 2015

Cintec International has developed a new type of dissipative wall anchor that solves the issues of how to protect heritage buildings in some of the most earthquake-prone parts of the world. It is an innovative dissipative anchor designed for use with Cintec’s proven wall anchor system.
For buildings subject to regular earthquake activity, there is a possibility of pull-out damage at the anchorage head. The new anchor solves this problem by allowing for small amounts of movement through a sliding mechanism.
The Cintec dissipative anchor consists of a set of stainless steel plates to which 4 bolts apply pressure, creating friction to an adjustable degree. There are built-in stops to restrict the sliding motion, and connectors that link to Cintec’s standard anchor rods. The anchor allows a controlled and repairable drift for the walls, managing the amount of seismic energy fed into the structure and therefore minimizing damage to the building.