Pre-Applied Waterproofing System

March 2021

Henry® Company introduces the Henry® Blueskin PreSeal™ System, a pre-applied waterproofing system that incorporates a proprietary dual bond technology, providing a mechanical and chemical bond for improved adhesion to concrete. The fully and permanently bonded waterproofing system for zero-property line foundation applications reduces or eliminates lateral water migration as well as migration through the membrane.
The Blueskin PreSeal™ System consists of a polypropylene membrane laminated to a chemically enhanced non-woven geotextile fleece with a dimpled surface. The membrane contains an adhesive and provides a mechanical attachment into wet concrete to form a permanent barrier seal. It easily installs with “kick-out” rolls, self-adhering laps and splices without the need for special tools or torches.
The Blueskin PreSeal™ membrane is available in wide roll widths, leading to fewer seams, which further reduces the risk of water ingress. The wider rolls also are lightweight, contributing to improved labor performance and installation speed.