May 2021

Challenging household repairs often require adhesive solutions that work on all types of materials. DAP introduces a hybrid adhesive, RapidFuse® Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive, which dries and stays truly clear, as well as a new RapidFuse® Fast Curing Gel Adhesives formulated to adhere to uneven surfaces.
Offering superior clarity for crystal clear bonding performance, RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive bonds virtually everything to easily complete mess-free aesthetically pleasing home repairs and DIY projects.
Unlike other adhesives that dry in a cloudy opaque bond and turn yellow over time, RapidFuse Ultra Clear dries crystal clear and stays crystal clear with exceptional color stability for years to come. The hybrid adhesive is also self-leveling and features a non-brittle formula, allowing it to be used to fill in scratches and gaps on substrates for a smooth surface repair.
Formulated for both interior and exterior use, RapidFuse Ultra Clear offers superior flexibility and durability for a long-lasting bond, even on materials that flex. The adhesive is low odor, provides superior water resistance and is dishwasher safe once dry.
RapidFuse Fast Curing Gel Adhesives is ideal for plastic, metal, glass, wood, rubber, tile and more. The thick gel sets in just 30 seconds, does not drip, creates no mess and dries clear.
Formulated for interior and exterior repairs, it is available in the RapidFuse Gel Control Applicator 0.13 oz size and RapidFuse Gel Tube 0.7 oz standard squeeze tube. The RapidFuse Gel Control Applicator allows for a precise, clean and controlled application, which eliminates any excess or overflow.
The thick gel formula won’t drip or run, making it particularly well suited for hard-to-reach areas or repairs on uneven or vertical surfaces. Plus, with bonds 40% stronger than expanding polyurethane glues and 2x more durable than typical super glues.