Wall Reveals

November 2021

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions introduces an array of Wall Reveals that create a precise horizontal or vertical separation in drywall walls, allowing for decorative or functional transitions from drywall-to-drywall panels or drywall to Armstrong® AcoustiBuilt® panels.
AcoustiBuilt wall panels provide the seamless appearance of drywall along with effective acoustical performance. Finished AcoustiBuilt panels combine a smooth, non-directional, monolithic visual with excellent sound absorption and sound blocking. Finishing methods are similar to those of traditional drywall.
Available in white and custom colors, the pre-engineered moldings are manufactured from extruded aluminum to provide crisp edge detailing. Factory-finished intersections, corners and 90° angles allow for an easy change of direction or wrap-around corners.
The new additions feature 6 different wall moldings. They include a 1/2" and 5/8" reveal for 5/8" drywall, a 1/2" and 5/8" F-reveal for 5/8" drywall, a 1/2" Z-reveal for 5/8" drywall, and a 1/2" reveal molding for AcoustiBuilt panel to 5/8" drywall transition.