Rigid Connector Angle

January 2022

Simpson Strong-Tie has expanded its lineup of rigid connector angles with the addition of the RCA-C, an ideal solution for attaching cold-formed steel stud framing to concrete supports.
Designed to save installers time and reduce the cost of drilling connector holes at the job site, the RCA-C provides the most anchor options available, including holes for a 1/2"-diameter anchor screw or bolt, or for two 1/4"-diameter concrete screws positioned to allow a variety of options.
The Simpson Strong-Tie family of rigid connector angles include general-purpose clip angles designed for a range of cold-formed steel construction applications. With pre-punched holes for fastener attachment, these L-shaped clips can be used for miscellaneous header/sill connections to jamb studs, jamb stud reinforcement at track, u-channel bridging, stud blocking, bypass curtain-wall framing, joist connections and other applications.