1.50” Carrousel® Grout Plant

May 2022

Introducing Quikspray’s 1.50" Carrousel® Grout Plant. This compact unit consists of a standard 1.50" Carrousel® Pump and 31" U-Blend Mixer mounted onto a skid frame—making it one complete unit. The Grout Plant sits on 16” pneumatic tires that make it easy to move on the job site. In addition, the skid frame has fork pockets installed to allow contractors to move the unit with a forklift.
The Grout Plant is bolted together and measures approximately 48" x 38" x 56" and 600 lbs. The model shown in the photo is driven by two 4hp air motors and the system requires an air compressor capable of 185cfm at 90 psi to operate. This model is also offered in electric and hydraulic.
The 1.50" Grout Plant is capable of pumping epoxy grouts, heavily bodied materials, re-grouting mortar joints and also spraying fireproofing, waterproofing, EIFS, artificial rock work, stucco and other commercial coatings.
The pumping system is easy to clean with just running a sponge ball and water through the system.