Model Based Estimating

May 2022

Vector™ by Estimating Edge is a professional grade 2D quantity takeoff solution that extracts 3D data and speeds up the takeoff process by up to 80%. Simply import and let Vector extract quantities from the 3D model. Filter out the noise, verify the properties, and finish with an automated 2D quantity takeoff. Best of all, Vector can be used alone for takeoff and estimating or with the professional-grade estimating solution The EDGE®. It’s robust and detailed enough for bids of any size and intuitively designed to help both new and seasoned estimating professionals work smarter, bid sharper and build better.
View design conflicts while you estimate. Select 2D elements on one monitor and the synchronized 3D viewer will highlight the same shape on the second monitor. Easily navigate the 3D model, understand how it’s built, and identify additional materials and labor you might miss on 2D plans.
Don’t have a 3D model? Customized for your trade, it’s easy to import project plans, create custom assemblies, and calculate material and labor totals.