Cordless Tools and Equipment

November 2022

Makita® continues its expansion of the 40V | 80V max XGT® System with the announcement of several new products.
New products in the construction category include a 40V max XGT® Brushless 1 3/16" AVT® Rotary Hammer, SDS-PLUS, AFT®, AWS® Capable (GRH08Z, pictured). Constant speed control automatically applies additional power under load for optimum performance.
Also included is the 40V max XGT® 1 3/16" Rotary Hammer, Tool Only with Dust Extractor Attachment with HEPA Filter Cleaning Mechanism (GRH08ZW). Dust extraction capability with OSHA Table 1 compliant on-board HEPA Dust Extractor or stand-alone AWS® Extractor options.
Finally, the 40V max XGT® 1 3/16" Rotary Hammer with Quick Change Chuck (GRH09Z) features a quick-change chuck that allows for interchange-ability from SDS-PLUS to 1/2" keyless chuck for utilization of straight shank bits.