Ceiling Wire Installation Tool

April 2015

The PurlinMaster pole is a multiple purpose tool used to install and wrap ceiling wire on purlin clips. The patented purlin head make it possible to install a purlin clip and then to wrap a ceiling wire on to the clip. It is part of a proprietary system from Doc’s Industries.
Past installation systems required the ceiling wire to be wrapped on to the clip prior to installation. The proprietary PurlinMaster System represents a major innovation in the installation of ceiling wire on purlins and makes installing purlin clips as easy as installing an eye lag screw. The clip will not “pop off” as it is protected inside the head during installation.
The PurlinMaster is a unique innovation on the traditional eye lag poles acoustical contractors have always used to attach ceiling wires. It includes an interchangeable head that allows it to be used with any standard eye lag screw. There are several other interchangeable heads available for hanging threaded rod, hanging jack chain, 1/2" male sockets, 1/4" hex bits and more. It could be called the most versatile pole tool anywhere.