Jig Saw Blades

February 2023

Diablo Tools introduces an innovative, complete range of jig saw blades to fit both barrel grip and top handle corded and cordless jig saws. Designed with superior performance in mind, the blades’ ability to cut through wood, metals, plastics and specialty applications while providing up to 50x longer life than standard blades is unrivaled on the market today.
Diablo’s debut of jig saw blades comes with the introduction of an industry leading, bi-direction tooth designed bi-metal blade for ultra-fine top and bottom finishes. With its ultra-hard cutting edge, the blade provides up to 5x longer life than standard blades and features an optimized body design for precise and accurate straight, angled and curved cuts—a trio unheard of on the market today. With resolving plunge cut issues in mind, the blade features a fast, plunge tip design that enables faster and easier plunging that is unmatched. Its revolutionary design features a T-shank geometry, making the blade easy to secure and remove from the saw and provides maximum performance in cordless and corded jig saws.
Diablo’s expansion into the jig saw blade category also includes carbide T-Shank jig saw blades that provide up to 50x longer life than standard blades in extreme materials. Diablo’s carbide teeth jig saw blades offer extreme durability and superior cutting life and feature Perma-Shield® non-stick coating to reduce heat and pitch buildup. The aggressive tooth geometry delivers fast and effortless cuts and features an enhanced carbide tip for extreme impact resistance.


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