Lithium-Ion Battery Storage

June 2023

Lithium-ion batteries are very popular as a strong, portable power source, but they can be a fire hazard, and thus require special storage considerations. New Rack Fire Protect buildings from DENIOS US, which are fire rated for 2 hours at 2,000°F, are ideal for the storage of li-ion batteries. Designed in Germany and proven in hundreds of installations worldwide, they are now manufactured in the United States for North American installations.
RFP fire-rated buildings provide safe and legally compliant storage of flammable and corrosive chemicals and materials. They also provide safe storage of lithium-ion batteries. Adjustable racking provides the flexibility to store batteries of many shapes and sizes. Single or double-tiered designs keep products organized and correctly separated. The buildings can be placed inside or outside (subject to distance requirements), making RFP ideal for the storage of batteries, as well as sealed and closed containers of flammable and water-
polluting substances.

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