Construction Technology Solutions

July 2023

DeWalt introduces a suite of construction technology solutions to help construction professionals streamline their operations, enhance productivity, automate workflows and support worksite safety. DeWalt’s construction technology solutions consist of a variety of connected tools, software and mobile applications that incorporate artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.
The suite includes features that provide real-time data and insights, automate routine tasks and facilitate smooth collaboration through each phase of construction, from design to fabrication shops, and on the job site. The DeWalt product lineup includes the following:
MSuite® Management Software, a cloud-based suite of management software to connect BIM, Fab and field construction teams for off-site and modular construction. MSuite helps contractors track, manage and share data throughout the entire life cycle of a construction project with scalable and industry-focused software that provides real-time status updates and progress tracking and estimating information right on the fabrication shop floor.
Tool Connect™ Site Manager is a cloud-based platform allowing contractors to manage their tools and equipment from DeWalt and other brands from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Tool Connect enables users to locate tools, check their inventory levels and monitor their usage and performance.

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