Refuse Containers

March 2015

Rubbermaid Commercial Products® announces the launch of vented Brute® refuse containers, combining the proven durability of Brute containers with new venting and cinching technology and improved ergonomics.
The latest addition to RCP’s refuse and recycling portfolio, vented Brute containers improve productivity and efficiency with 4 new venting channels that create airflow. This air circulation makes removing liners up to 50% easier by eliminating the vacuum effect that occurs when lifting liners out of traditional containers. By reducing the pull force required to lift out liners by up to 50%, vented Brute containers improve productivity and also reduce the risk of injury.
Integrated cinches secure can liners easily so less time is spent tying knots to tighten liners. Contoured base handles improve grip, reduce strain and improve efficiency when emptying containers, making cleaning easier.
Brute containers also feature commercial-grade construction, guaranteed to never fade, warp, crack or crush. The reinforced base is engineered for dragging across rough surfaces and the rim features an integrated rib structure to increase strength.