Exposed Ceiling Beams for Commercial Renovations

December 2015

Surfacequest debuts its latest design innovation: Fusion Beams. This unique product offering allows architects and designers to create a sense of rustic beauty in commercial renovations, without the logistical challenges and high costs of using solid wood beams.
Architectural Fusions—micro-thin overlays designed to look like natural materials—can be applied to a variety of smooth, non-porous substrates. This alternative solution provides an affordable way to achieve the look of solid wood beams at a fraction of the cost.
For projects with existing beams that are structurally sound but in need of a facelift, Fusions can be used to transform the appearance of the beams from one wood grain finish to another. Fusions are available in hundreds of wood-grain patterns, textures and colors from antique pine and rustic oak to sleek mahogany and exotic zebrawood.