Light Coves

January 2016

Armstrong® Ceiling & Wall Systems introduces Axiom® Direct and Indirect Light Coves, a new line of light coves that integrate perfectly with all Armstrong acoustical and drywall suspension systems and lighting fixtures from 4 lighting partners.

Light coves are often challenging because the light and pocket are rarely designed to work together. As a result, light performance can be less than satisfactory. Poor paint quality or missing drywall can also affect the overall quality of the light cove.
The new Axiom pre-engineered solution features light coves and light fixtures designed to work together, making them easy to specify while providing predictable lighting performance, consistent fit and finish and a seamless visual.
New Axiom Direct Light Coves install with integrated LENO light fixtures from XAL Lighting. The light coves feature a low profile design for ultra-low plenum clearance along with plug-and-play lighting for easy installation. The XAL luminaire features high output, energy-efficient LED lighting.
The Axiom Indirect Light Coves install with integrated light fixtures from Axis Lighting, Litecontrol and Vode Lighting, and offer a variety of options for both ceiling-to-wall and ceiling-to-ceiling light coves in a range of sizes. In addition, a new Axiom Knife Edge® profile brings acoustical panels out to the edge of the cove.
Manufactured from extruded aluminum, both Axiom Direct and Indirect Light Coves are fast and easy to install and integrate with any Armstrong acoustical or drywall suspension system. Because they require significantly less framing, the new light coves install in a fraction of the time of typical drywall light coves.