Retainage Law Manual

February 2016

A reference manual published by the American Subcontractors Association, “Retainage Law in the 50 States,” is helping construction subcontractors understand retainage laws where the projects they bid and work on are located.
Each state entry in the manual reviews critical factors in retainage law for private and public work, including the retainage rate permitted under law, retainage release milestones and any options to provide alternative securities in lieu of retainage.
The ASA-member law firm and ASA general counsel, Kegler, Brown, Hill and Ritter, Columbus, Ohio, prepared the manual, which contains contributions from construction attorneys from across the country. The manual is available free to ASA members as a downloadable PDF in the “Contracts & Project Management” section under “Advocacy & Contracts” on the ASA website (member log-in required).