Steel Stud

March 2016

R-stud has developed a steel building stud that can achieve higher STC ratings than other generic studs while being the same competitive price. It is manufactured with supplemental flanges at every foot that make it much stronger than conventional steel studs and saving at least 30% on labor and materials while reducing the overall construction schedule of each project.
Acoustical test results show R-stud’s performance to be significantly higher than generic steel studs. R-stud can achieve a 50 STC (Sound Transmission Class) with just one layer of 5/8" Type X gypsum on each side, beating generic steel studs by 9 points. Looking for a better way to reach an STC of 55 in a sound wall for a hotel or hospital? R-stud can achieve this in a more efficient, stronger and cost effective way, keeping everyone ahead of schedule and on budget.
The design of R-stud significantly increases product performance, including greater load capacity, higher limiting wall heights, better acoustical ratings, reduced thermal transfer/higher R-values and faster installation.
R-stud is interchangeable with conventional framing systems (generic studs), and the cost is competitively the same.