Wood-Look Finishes for Aluminum Panels

March 2016

Armstrong® Ceilings has expanded its line of MetalWorks™ Blades – Classics™ linear panels to include 6 new Effects™ Wood Looks finishes: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Dark Cherry, Walnut and Walnut Espresso.  MetalWorks Blades – Classics now offer the real look of wood in a lightweight, durable aluminum vertical panel.
The lightweight, durable aluminum vertical panels are offered in both acoustical and non-acoustical options, and spacing can be varied. The 1" thick blades are 4" deep by 96" in length and can be joined together to create longer runs. The panels are available with two end caps, one end cap or no end cap. Double end-capped panels can be used for access areas.
The acoustical panels are perforated and supplied with a fiberglass fleece to absorb sound. The acoustical panels provide 2.5 Sabins of sound absorption per panel. The acoustical panels actually provide greater sound absorption than a continuous ceiling of the same surface area because sound is absorbed on both sides.
MetalWorks Blades – Classics are ideally suited for enhancing the acoustics and aesthetics in either renovation or new construction projects. When installed in a reverberant space, they can significantly reduce background noise and reverberation time, enhancing speech intelligibility.
The linear panels have a Class A fire rating and have been seismic tested and approved. The panels are also offered in three metal finishes and custom colors are available.