Gas-actuated Fastening Tools

July 2016

Gas-actuated tools mean speed and productivity for drywall contractors. The Hilti Gas-actuated fastening tool GX 2 is unbeatable when it comes to working comfort and durability. The GX 2 is the perfect choice for labor-intensive and serial applications such as fastening drywall track to concrete, concrete block or steel, or fastening reveal strips to walls.
With its short stroke of 3/4" before the trigger is engaged, it is ideal for making fast, repetitive fastenings. It comes with the best-in-class 12v lithium-ion battery that recharges in 30 minutes and is capable of up to 8,000 fastenings with one charge. The 12v battery is compatible with other Hilti 12v tools.
Compared to competitive gas-actuated tools, users will experience convenient features such as a gas gauge, battery indicator, easy disconnect to remove nail jams, adjustable belt hook and quick release magazine.
The tool is offered with 2 magazines, a 40 nail magazine for fastening 3/4" pins in deep drywall tracks, and a 30 nail magazine for fastening up to 1 9/16" nails.
The Gas-actuated fastening tool GX 2 is built to provide long-term service under the most rugged conditions. It is covered by Hilti’s Tool Warranty 20/2/1, which consists of 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts, 2-year, no-cost repair including wear and tear, and a guaranteed 1-day in-and-out of a Hilti Repair Center. (Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.),