Tile Cutting Workstation

July 2016

Using the EZZ Cuts all-in-one acoustical reveal edge tile cutter workstation will increase your production as well as your profit margin.
Phil the inventor created a piece of equipment that saves money on labor and waste but also gives an exact, factory cut reveal edge, and cut the circles for the high hats all in one spot.
The new workstation helps cut labor costs by not having to use a mechanic to cut the tile. Using Phil’s invention, users can install the tile in a fraction of the time with a 30-to-1 ratio compared to manual cutting.
There is less waste because manual cutting is not involved. One tile can take multiple smaller cuts saving a tremendous amount of waste.
The workstation offers a true factory cut reveal edge with all ends of the tile the same size as an original uncut reveal edge tile. The deluxe hole cutter attachment allows the user to cut circles to any size from 2" to 7"—perfect for high hats, sprinkler holes and alarm systems. It is for commercial and residential use and cuts tile up to 1” thick. It can cut the new health care tiles with fiberglass backing as well as Mars health care tiles, and it can also cut insulation panel and sound panel.
It can be attached to a scaffold using a Baker platform.