Ceiling Products

August 2016

USG Corporation announces the launch of new ceiling products that include decorative clouds, an expanded color palette and additional fixtures.
USG Celebration™ Canopies is a new product. These decorative metal ceiling clouds provide a custom look and acoustical absorption in a wide variety of ceiling applications. They are available in a variety of colors, perforation patterns and sizes and are shipped pre-assembled.
Expanded product offerings include the USG Celebration™ Torsion Spring, which is now available with additional perforation patterns and painted metals finishes as well as in Wood Tone finishes, anodized metals and additional sizes; the USG Donn® Brand Celebration™ Torsion Spring F-Mold, which ensures that trim faces are level and installs faster than standard perimeter trim; and the USG Donn® Brand ZXLA™ Celebration™ Torsion Spring. This new exterior suspension system, used with USG Celebration™ Torsion Spring panels, is suitable for exterior applications and satisfies all national code requirements for exterior covered ceilings.
USG Wood Tones Finishes offer a unique look for either an interior or exterior covered ceiling application without the weight, expense or susceptibility to climate changes associated with real wood. Finishes are available for a variety of metal ceiling panels including USG Celebration™ Snap-In, Celebration™ Torsion Spring, Curvatura™, Panz® and all Paraline® Linear Metal Panels. Finishes are also available for USG Compässo™ Standard Perimeter Trim.
New grid installation components are the USG Ceilings™ Brand Indexed Support Bar and the USG Donn® Brand AdvanceSpan™ - Donn® DXAS™ and DXTAS™ Profiles. The indexed support bar is a high-performance component for use with USG’s Wall-to-Wall Drywall Suspension System that reduces the need for hanger wires on longer spans that require intermediate support for main tees. The USG Donn® Brand AdvanceSpan™ - Donn® DXAS™ and DXTAS™ Profiles allow you to span up to 8’ with no hanger wires. The system is compatible with all standard USG DX® and DXT™ cross tees, and has been successfully tested for seismic category D-F installations.