2-in-1 Ladder

September 2016

Werner announces the introduction of the new Switchback™ Ladder, a 2-in-1 ladder that provides users with versatility and ease of use, serving as both an extension ladder and a stepladder in one, lightweight design.
The Switchback™ makes it easy to go from one mode to the other with a simple flip-and-click that changes the height and style of the ladder. This multi-position design provides a maximum reach of 15’ while in extension mode, the same as a 16’ extension ladder, and a maximum reach of 11’ in stepladder mode, equivalent to that of a 7’ stepladder—making it the ideal solution for a variety of tasks. From painting to hanging a chandelier to cleaning the gutters, users can now easily do multiple tasks with just one ladder.
The Switchback™ is made from lightweight aluminum so it can easily be carried and stored. Overlapping rungs create a double step platform when configured as an extension ladder, providing the user with a larger surface to stand on while working. The Traction-Tred® extra-wide steps help to stabilize the user and ensure safety while climbing. The bottom step bracing ensures stability and safety for the user. The Switchback™ has a 225 lb. load capacity and is available nationally at local retailers or online.