Wall Panels for Healthcare

September 2016

Wall and ceiling panel manufacturer Nudo Products and its sister company, Marlite, Inc., introduce the ultimate in wall protection systems to combat damaged and unsafe surfaces in today’s healthcare spaces. Allure and Induro FRP decorative wall panels are the simplest, most affordable way of applying laminate to walls. With virtually zero replacement/repair costs, the life cycle expenditures of Allure and Induro FRP are a fraction of the cost of painted drywall and flat rigid plastic panels.
Nudo Allure (pictured) is a decorative wall panel with a recycled composite core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sheets and topped with a layer of high-pressure laminate or prefinished veneer face. The well-balanced panel is moisture-proof and offers outstanding impact, scratch and stain resistant properties that outperform painted drywall and rigid plastic panels.
Marlite’s Induro FRP decorative wall panel is an exceptionally wear-resistant panel created through an exclusive process where impregnated surfacing materials are thermally bonded directly to a fiberglass core. Induro FRP is superior to painted drywall and rigid plastic panels in impact, scratch and stain resistance.
To create a complete wall protection system, both Allure and Induro FRP wall panels are supplemented with complementary designer trims, hand rails, corner guards and wall guards that provide added durability and enhanced convenience. The hand rails, corner guards and wall guards are offered in both PVC and non-PVC material.

www.nudo.com, www.marlite.com