LED Box Levels

October 2016

Empire Level introduces the e95 UltraView™ LED Series of Box Levels. Designed with dual ultraviolet LEDs, optical brightener and high-contrast e-Band™ vials, the box levels bring a new level of technology to the job site by delivering high definition viewing in all conditions.
Featuring precision milled edges and exclusive e-Band™ vials, these levels provide maximum visibility and .0005"/inch (0.029°) accuracy.
To meet the demands of the job site, the e95 UltraView™ LED Series of Box Levels are IP54 rated for protection from dust and water. The levels are constructed with a high strength, all-metal frame to provide maximum durability and eliminate common frame deformations frequently seen during harsh job site use. Empire’s patented Reinforced Vial Locking System protects the center acrylic block vial for longer life accuracy without compromising the 300° viewing window for enhanced visibility from any angle.
For added utility, the e95 UltraView™ LED Series are also designed with all-rubber, shock-absorbing endcaps that can be easily removed tool-free to use in tight spaces or in long distance scribe marking applications and provide increased protection from frequent drops and damage.
All magnetic models include powerful rare-earth magnets which provide maximum holding strength when installing metal door frames, leveling steel studs or ferrous pipe and in other common metal-working applications.
All True Blue® products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.