Impact Resistant Wall Solutions

October 2016

Wolf-Gordon introduces Rampart, a collection of impact-resistant wall protection products engineered for high-traffic commercial interiors. Developed by WG Design Studio, Rampart is a superior wall protection solution that performs as well as leading rigid sheet goods while offering designers a wider range of aesthetically pleasing patterns and colors, greater flexibility and significantly lower installation costs per square foot.
Rampart combines resilience and flexibility. It is engineered for interiors in medium- to heavy-traffic areas where protection against scratches, dents and scrapes is a concern and expensive rigid sheet panels may be more than what is required. Rampart is ideal for restaurants and food service environments, hospitality, educational, institutional, and healthcare facilities, daycare and senior centers, workout rooms, break areas, meeting rooms, collaborative office spaces and busy corridors in other commercial spaces.
Thicker and more durable than Type II wallcovering, Rampart features a heavy-duty construction and specially formulated finish called Surcoat, which ensure long wearing walls. The product’s super-dense cotton or polyester/cotton backing provides additional dimensional stability and secure adhesion. Its specially formulated finish can be easily cleaned with soap and water as well as a variety of heavy-duty cleaning agents, disinfectants and phenols, making Rampart a perfect choice for environments where cleanliness and antimicrobial protection are essential.
Rampart is 54" wide, packaged in 27-yd rolls. It requires no trim or molding pieces and, unlike rigid sheet panels, can be railroaded for a seamless installation.
Rampart is available in 5 original patterns and in a variety of colors.