Laminated Drywall Corner Beads

November 2016

Building professionals now have a superior entry-level alternative to traditional metal and paper-metal drywall corner products. Introducing CertainTeed® Levelline® Outside 90 laminated drywall corner beads. Levelline Outside 90 corners are easier to install, less than half of the weight of traditional beads and have no sharp edges, making them safer to install as well. Unlike other beads, Levelline Outside 90 offers exceptional durability, won’t rust or hold a memory and promises crisp lines without ridges—all at a competitive cost.
CertainTeed Levelline corner beads install just like conventional products, but unlike metal or paper metal beads, their high bond allows them to withstand significant shifting caused by drying or settling lumber, humidity and temperature differences. Levelline corners are available in an outside 90° profile in convenient 8', 9' and 10' lengths. Custom lengths are available upon request.