Thermal Protection

November 2016

With its slim profile, outstanding flexibility and excellent compression resistance, Dow Corning® HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket can be easily cut and conformed to complex shapes and tight curvatures, adhering tightly even to difficult connection points in building envelopes. The high-performance material provides significantly improved thermal resistance when compared to conventional insulation products, allowing users to protect hard-to-insulate spaces.
Dow Corning Building Insulation Blanket can be used to provide an effective thermal barrier between highly conductive elements, often used as a thermal shim or spacer. The versatile material also gives installers a new problem-solving option when retrofitting interior insulation of mass walls or reducing thermal flanking around window openings, helping building owners maintain code-compliant insulation in limited space. The thin, flexible insulation allows great design freedom while delivering a high level of performance.
The product is based on silicon aerogel technology, which involves ultra-porous, ultra-light solid materials with unique prop¬erties, made by converting silica in chemical form into a highly solvated gel. A specialized process is then used to remove the solvent from the gel without collapsing the delicate remaining physical structure.
The result is a vapor-permeable solid material that is chemically similar to sand or glass, but with a physical structure and porosity that creates extremely low density and thermal conductivity to trap air molecules. Fully compatible with a variety of Dow Corning brand high-performance building products such as adhesives, sealants and air barrier products, the material is fire-resistant, hydrophobic and does not settle over time.