Heated Storage Box

December 2016

Knaack® introduces the industry’s first jobsite storage box that is engineered to keep supplies at optimal temperatures. Designed specifically for contractors working in cold environments, the Thermosteel™ is a heated storage unit that saves money, reduces downtime and prevents damage to tools and materials due to cold temperatures. Simply plug in the heating element when jobsite temperatures drop below 40 degrees to ensure supplies are safe from extreme temperatures.
When temperatures drop as low as 0 degrees, Thermosteel™ can get up to 70º within the cabinet. Not only are tools protected from theft, but now from weather damage as well.
Along with the new heated functionally, the Thermosteel™ is built with all of the traditional Knaack® storage box features, including security, durability and productivity. Additional product features include a Tool Kage™ Door and Thermal Blanket, Junk Trunk™ Quick Access Drawers, a raised chest floor, Knaack® Security and jobsite mobility.