Battery Pack

October 2015

Maximum runtime is what trade professionals want from their power tool batteries – for every job. And when greater runtime comes in the same size package as batteries with less long-lasting power, it’s a win/win for everyone. That’s the story of the Bosch BAT415 12V Li-on 2.5 Ah Battery Pack: More power means 25% greater runtime, no increased weight and a cylinder shape that makes the battery easy to use anywhere.
The BAT415 battery offers single cell monitoring, which maximizes the performance of each individual cell for longer runtime. Low-resistance cells deliver the performance increase versus standard 12V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion pack batteries. The technology allows Bosch to deliver more energy per cell without increasing overall battery size; weight is .40 lbs. Bosch 12V batteries continue to be the most compact and lightest weight within the segment.
Target applications for 12V tools using the Bosch BAT415 battery pack include sawing, cutting, sanding, drilling and screw driving. Like all Bosch 12V lithium-ion batteries, the BAT415 is compatible with the complete Bosch 12V tool system.