Mesh Corner Bead

December 2016

The 2209 Mesh Corner Bead from Plastic Components improves the quality of corners and saves on labor and materials
2209 MESH combines Plastic Components’ reliable PVC corner bead and alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh to bring you a time-saving alternative to wrapping corners by hand with multiple pieces of mesh.
Here’s the solution to better-looking, strong and straight corner edges in direct applied and EIFS installations.
The 7/8" flange corner bead with a 4.5 ounce fire-resistant, alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh attached to both legs is available in 8' and 10' lengths and complies with ASTM D579 and EIMA 105.01. Plastic Components’ exterior trims are UV resistant and manufactured of high-impact resistant, lead-free PVC compounds that conform to ASTM standards D1784 and C1063 (for exterior stucco, one coat, DEFS and EIFS applications), D1784 (for exterior stucco), and D3678 and C1047 (for interior drywall).