Be Solicitous! Be Attentive! Be a Real Change Leader!

Norb Slowikowski / December 2018

Let me share some ideas with you about how you can create growth and peak performance at your company. To truly make this happen at a level that is noticed by everyone in the company, it takes a “Real Change Leader.”
Real Change Leaders share a set of common characteristics that help guide the quest to peak performance.

Commitment to a Better Way
The future success of the company is dependent upon “change” being successfully executed. The status quo can no longer be the norm. Managers must embrace change and emphasize motivating growth and new ideas. Encourage employees to offer ideas at all times. How your people see growth, might be different from your perspective.
Personal initiative—go beyond defined boundaries. Establish teamwork and cooperative effort to solve unexpected problems, eliminate barriers to productivity, challenge the current way things are done, and think outside the box.
There is no such thing as failure. Mistakes and setbacks are learning opportunities for growth and change.

Real Change Leaders are not only self-motivated, they also create excitement and momentum in others.
Real Change Leaders lead by example. Show your people how you want them to act on the job.
Provide opportunities for your people that enhance their work, that make them better in their chosen profession.
Caring about how people are treated involves establishing a positive work climate so that they

  • Like coming to work every day.
  • Help and support each other.
  • Arrive motivated to do their best work.
  • Know and use a clear set of performance priorities that foster continuous improvement.

Allow for courage. Let your people challenge existing power bases and norms. Empower your managers to let people communicate—positively and negatively. Implement with the idea: “While we do not welcome failure, we do not fear it, we learn from it.”
Keep your people fired up! Get everyone performing above set expectations. Set clear direction so that energy is always channeled in the right direction. Create a connection with your people and envision their potential. Let them know that a highly productive, questioning, innovating, enthusiastic workforce is what you desire.
Dare to be bold and forward-thinking as you embrace the Real Change Leader within.
When the connection between a Real Change Leader and his/her people succeeds, it produces an unbreakable chain of events that leads to faster and better performance. It’s an arduous journey, but once you find and focus on the practices that create real change, the end result is highly rewarding for all players in the process.

Norb Slowikowski is president of Slowikowski & Associates, Inc., Darien, Ill. To contact him, email