Anniversary Eve

Laura M. Porinchak / February 2018

As excitement builds for AWCI’s 100th anniversary celebrations being held next month at AWCI’s Convention in Florida, industry manufacturers and distributors are adding the finishing touches to their booth plans for the Intex Expo, also being held in Florida, in conjunction with AWCI’s annual convention. The convention is March 24–28, and the Intex Expo is March 27–28 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. The latest numbers are showing more booths this year than last, and the added draw of the centennial celebrations mean this could be the highest attended event ever hosted by AWCI.
The Intex Expo, managed by AWCI and co-sponsored by the Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association, is known as the largest trade show specific to the ceiling and wall industry. Drywall, ceilings and acoustics, lath and metal framing, plaster, EIFS, insulation, software—all market segments are represented. Full details on the exhibiting companies can be found beginning on page 36 of this issue. From contact info to details on products and services being exhibited, it’s all there.
This issue also features an article that asked AWCI member contractors about their estimating departments and estimating in general. What have been the greatest advancements in estimating over the last several years? Have plans gotten any better now that so much is automated today? Has estimating accuracy improved or gotten worse with the advent of estimating software? The answers might surprise you! Turn to page 30 to start reading this informative article.
Elsewhere in this issue you will find Bob Grupe’s “Wachuwannano” column on thermal barriers (page 24), Doug Bellamy tells us how he met his wife in “Management Desk” on page 20, Mark Johnson shares his favorite industry inventions in “InSync” on page 23, and Vince Bailey looks at how estimators can make accurate bids in light of the manpower shortage (“Estimator’s Edge,” page 22).
When you are finished with that, flip over to page 48 to read a brief history of AWCI. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how adaptive AWCI has been over the last 100 years, but I also suppose you don’t stay in business for a century if you don’t adapt—and react properly to industry and world events. The summary of events presented in this issue is just a preview of what is to come next month. The March issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions will be dedicated to the centennial, and those who attend AWCI’s Convention as a full registrant will receive the 200-plus-page commemorative book that fleshes out all the events mentioned in this issue’s article. Both the magazine and the book will be keepsakes for veterans of the industry. I’m very excited about working on both projects, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come.
But for now, enjoy this “anniversary eve” issue of your favorite industry magazine. I look forward to seeing you in Florida for all the festivities next month.