Pace Yourself

Laura M. Porinchak / March 2023

My wish is that you are as excited about reading this issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions as I was when putting it together. One aspect that makes this so special is the focus on the work and practices of some contractor members of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry. You are going to want to take your time to read and digest everything on these pages, then implement the lessons learned to make your company even more successful. Just pace yourself because there is a lot to soak in.
We will start with safety, a subject we all need to keep top of mind. The article that begins on page 38 offers 15 tips and ideas from AWCI members who are also members of the AWCI Safety Directors Committee and winners—sometimes multiple times—of AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Award, and no doubt more awards from other associations and local organizations. I know you understand the importance of working safely, and our members know that, among other things, it’s all for the greater good. That is why they are happy to share some of the best ideas that your company may not have thought about, ideas like going over and above what OSHA requires you to do, and how to “sell” safety to staff.
When it comes to communicating the safety message, it has to come from the right person and in the right way. And being a great manager is almost a guarantee that the message—all messages—will be heard and understood. Are you a great manager? You will get your answer by turning to the article on page 48. Here you will find 10 questions to ask yourself about your leadership skills. Then take the short quiz at the end to create your own self-improvement programs to increase productivity and effectiveness, based on what you learned in the article.
And it keeps getting better. This month the spotlight focuses on some ceilings constructed by AWCI member contractor Penn Installations. Here company president Howard Bernstein and others detail challenging ceilings in a hospital, museum and university library. There is also discussion about their use of BIM—or lack thereof, workforce challenges, safety and more. Also included is Howard’s trip down Memory Lane, back to his first ceiling, which continues to be a building that appears on his job list to this day as renovations and repairs are made.

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