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Rockwool® Unveils New Global Brand Identity

Rockwool announces the latest evolution of its brand identity by introducing a new Rockwool symbol and purpose statement that will be adopted by its subsidiary brands in North America. The brand evolution ensures a cohesive look and messaging across all brands, while supporting future geographic growth across all business units.


Brands under the Rockwool umbrella in North America include Roxul®, Grodan® and Rockfon®. The three brands will collectively adopt the new Rockwool symbol—a graphic representation of a volcano that demonstrates to stakeholders and customers how Rockwool brands use the natural power of volcanic stone to enrich and transform modern living, while providing solutions with far-reaching benefits.


The new brand identity will be complemented by a revamped purpose statement, “release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living,” which underscores that all businesses within the Rockwool Group have one overarching goal: to enhance modern living by improving the lives of everyone who comes into contact with Rockwool products.


The new Rockwool symbol will be integrated into all Roxul, Grodan and Rockfon products, marketing materials, digital and social channels throughout North America.

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