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Construction Innovation Award 2017

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Innovation Award 2017

Winner: TRAKLOC 20EQ 24 Mil from ClarkDietrich Building Systems

TRAKLOC 20EQ 24 mil uses lightweight, high-strength steel to reduce the overall amount of steel needed to perform the same job.

Here is what customers say:

“We especially like the new 20EQ 24 mil product because we can still meet most deck height requirements without having to go to the expense of a full 30 mil product.”—Cheyne Jackson, Jackson Quality Drywall

“The biggest savings was stocking. Without the TRAKLOC studs we would have incurred huge stocking costs as standard studs over 10' would have needed to be stair stocked to over eight floors due to the size of the freight elevator.”—Jeff Brown, Gordon Brown Associates, Inc.

“The combination of fewer fasteners, less measuring/cutting of studs and increased schedule management help us increase our productivity and profitability while also creating a safer working environment for our installation crews and our general contractor partner’s project team.”—Gary Coakley, Boyett Construction, Inc.

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