AWCI Holds COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Week in Construction, April 19-23

April 16, 2021

The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry and construction industry partners are organizing the COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Week in Construction, April 19-23, to encourage construction professionals to do their part to help the country end the pandemic and return to normal.

Working with members of the Construction Industry Safety Coalition, AWCI has compiled resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that wall/ceiling company owners can share with their workers and trade partners to learn more about the effectiveness and availability of COVID-19 vaccines in their area.

The CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health asked members of the CISC for help in reaching out to construction professionals to help meet the CDC goal of getting every eligible American vaccinated to protect against COVID-19. As a member of the CISC, AWCI supports the CDC’s efforts and encourages all builders to participate in Vaccine Awareness Week.

AWCI is asking its members to set aside a few minutes during the week of April 19 to share resources with their workers and trade contractors about COVID-19 vaccination. Using social media platforms, AWCI will be sharing CDC resources about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, why it is important to get vaccinated, where to find vaccines in your area, and what you can do once you get vaccinated.

In addition to the CDC resources, NIOSH has agreed to host a vaccine awareness webinar Wednesday, April 21, at 2 p.m. (EDT) specifically for members of the CISC. NIOSH medical experts will provide information on the current COVID-19 vaccines, the rollout of vaccines to construction workers and address any questions. Click here to register.

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